Telecommunications Logistics

Telecommunications Logistics Pompano Beach, Florida

With our connected world being built on telecommunications infrastructure, much of our daily lives are powered by this essential utility, increasing the growth of devices to come online. There is a demand for new generation telecom infrastructure, and therefore logistics of transporting batteries and equipment for the telecommunication industry, whether in and around metropolitan areas or remote locations.

All Moving Services has been in operation since 1984 and has become a leader in the telecommunications industry partnering with major telecommunications companies and their service providers to handle, move and transport various telecommunication batteries and equipment. Our telecommunications moving operation provides secure collection and delivery for recycling or safe storage of batteries. Our warehouse storage system provides inventory tracking and secure storage for all Telecommunication equipment.

All Moving Services acknowledges the meticulous nature required when shipping telecommunications equipment. Our experienced telecommunications logistics services include distribution of field equipment for wireless and wired technologies and management of time-critical logistics for central offices, cell sites, remote locations, and microwave sites. We are fully licensed to handle and transport hazardous material and have specialized equipment and vehicles in place. Telecommunication technology can vary in type, size and sensitivity, so we utilize the flexibility of our resources to ensure safe transport, and our vehicles and trucks can be staged to secure equipment according to specifications. Our experienced team of operators is trained in the proper handling techniques and transportation of new and used commercial batteries. While we currently service the entire South Eastern region of the United States, we are in the process of expanding our service region.

Involving All Moving Services in the plan and design stage of scheduling deliveries according to the necessary installation proceedings is a cost effective way to ship telecommunications cargo. We ensure a personalized and customized solution of our services to meet deadlines and expectations. 

We have forged and nurtured professional relationships in the telecommunication industry and we look forward to discussing your upcoming relocation and/or storage needs with you!