Medical Equipment Logistics

Established in 1984, we have been serving the industry for 30 years!

Medical Equipment Logistics Pompano Beach, Florida

Our commercial moving department Includes services to the vital medical industry. We understand the importance of safely and securely handling, moving, and protecting all sensitive and high-value medical equipment, ensuring on-time, dependable delivery, and setting-in- place at cost effective rates. Moving medical equipment requires specialized expertise with proper handling and shipping techniques to ensure that the sensitive equipment reaches its destination in the same condition in which it left.

Our resources and dedicated knowledge allow us to transport high-value shipments to wherever they’re needed. We take extreme care and pay special attention to detail when shipping any medical equipment, from taking the proper protective measures to using specialized equipment and fleets. You know your medical equipment best, so we work with you to determine the best handling and shipping techniques for your specific type of shipment. Our qualified team of medical equipment transportation specialists follow specifications and have created processes that fine-tune each detail of each specific medical equipment moving project. The knowledgeable and experienced team of medical equipment movers know how to handle the most advanced and delicate equipment.

Through decades of experience, All Moving Services has earned a strong reputation for being a trusted logistics partner of top medical equipment suppliers. Our expertise in this area includes safe manipulation, secure storage and transportation of medical equipment such as MRI systems, rehabilitation and recovery equipment, and dental apparatus. Following the necessary requirements and standards All Moving Services ensures a safe and streamlined service. Throughout the moving process, we will provide professional service and a commitment to customer service when you partner with us here at All Moving Services. Our expert logistics team can tailor solutions to specifically meet your needs no matter the size of the company or project to safely and efficiently get your medical equipment to the desired destination.

We look forward to discussing your upcoming relocation and/or storage needs with you