IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery Pompano Beach, Florida

All Moving Services offer a comprehensive range of IT Asset recovery services providing efficient and reliable logistics solutions to support businesses looking to optimize the process of recovering, decommissioning, data wiping and reselling of their assets. Our experienced IT Asset Recovery logistics team provides the following services:

IT Asset Retrieval

Efficient, traceable IT asset retrieval by trained teams to our storage locations with minimal interruption to operations.

IT Asset Audit

Auditing of IT assets by Model, Category and Serial Number (additional information can be included).

Data Destruction

Should IT equipment no longer be needed; data will be erased.

Excess buy-back

Based on market demand, appraised surplus IT assets could hold monetary value. All Moving Services can assist by unlocking this value to be utilized elsewhere in your business.


IT equipment that hold no use or value will be refined and recycled for their recyclable components.